Chispo offers a distinctive learning experience for individuals seeking to gain insights from professionals about various processes. The platform emphasizes practical lessons delivered in a live format, enabling students to learn through hands-on experience. Chispo invites only teachers who are deeply passionate about their profession. Hence, the name Chispo (translated from Spanish, where "Chispa" means Sparkle) was derived, along with the slogan: "Career adventures from people with a Flame in their eyes”.

Project Date


The branding process for Chispo involved creating a visual identity that represents the platform's unique learning experience. The design agency focused on incorporating elements that convey energy, passion, and a sense of adventure. Through careful selection of colors, typography, and imagery, the branding captures the essence of Chispo and its commitment to providing a spark of inspiration to learners.


The signboard for Chispo was designed to be eye-catching and easily recognizable. It features the vibrant colors from the Chispo color palette, along with the logo prominently displayed. The signboard serves as a visual representation of the platform and its commitment to providing a unique and exciting learning experience.


As part of the painting process, the design agency carefully selected a color palette that reflects the energy and excitement of the Chispo platform. Vibrant and bold colors were chosen to create a visually stimulating experience for the students. The illustrations were then meticulously painted, ensuring that each stroke and detail captured the essence of the learning adventure offered by Chispo.

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